Best Seat in the House

So, I’m sitting next to Rachel One as we watch Rachel Two on the stage. Cheryl and Tony are behind us, proud parents taking pictures of their Star on the Stage.

From the corner of my eye I see Rachel One silently mouthing the words to all the songs, and it’s then that I recall that she was in this same musical as a high school student. Now her daughter is in the same play. The serendipity is not lost on any of us.

As their social worker, I was a part of the placement of Rachel Two 15 years ago when she joined the family of Cheryl and Tony as a newborn. In the years before they opened their adoption and began arranging their own meetings, I was the conduit for gifts and photos. Since then Rachel One has shared her pictures and so I’ve seen Rachel Two nurtured by Cheryl and Tony, as she developed those singing genes gifted by Rachel One and her extended family.

The house lights come up; I hurry to wipe away tears of pride. I turn to see the glistening eyes of THREE proud parents — birth mother, adoptive mother and adoptive father. I am honored to be here.



One Response to “Best Seat in the House”

  1. Cheryl Says:

    Thank you for the tribute, Beth. I love that Rachel One is able to watch Rachel Two blossom, especially when she can see the visible results of the talents she has passed on to her (Rachel Two certainly didn’t get her musical talent from me!). We will continue this three-parent tradition, knowing that love multiplied can only benefit Rachel Two.

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